About Us
Simply put, we're an experienced team of creative and hard-working professionals whose highest priority is to guarantee our clients' complete satisfaction!

Though Sterling Events was founded two decades ago, the history goes back even further, to President Lee MacLeod's childhood. You could even say that hospitality and event planning is in her blood! Even as a young girl, Lee was known for organizing her and her friends' birthday parties, sleepovers, and movie outings-down to the smallest detail. Lee was only seven years old when she landed her first position at Colonial Williamsburg, volunteering for the annual Christmas programs. Soon after, she helped present remote events for the local radio station managed by her father, Don Bentley. As he used to say, "Even then, Lee was handling public relations for Williamsburg."

Today, Lee-and the rest of the Sterling team-are Williamsburg's greatest ambassadors. We live, work, and raise our families here in Williamsburg, so we're intimately knowledgeable with all the wonders of the Historic Triangle. Sterling Events is not a nameless voice on a phone in a call center halfway around the globe!

How Sterling Works for You
We ask the right questions to discover exactly the experiences you want. From there, we develop a customized event perfectly tailored to exceed all your expectations.

Then we put our relationships in the community to work for you. After two decades in business, Sterling has developed myriad beneficial relationships with professionals in every facet of the hospitality industry, and we use these long-standing relationships to negotiate the best deals.

Working with you in mind every step of the way, we develop your personalized experience with our combination of creativity, imagination, and sense of surprise. We want to help you make lasting memories!

We work seamlessly behind-the-scenes to ensure that your experience is stress-free and exceeds expectations.

We can take care of everything for you-from start to finish! At Sterling, our clients are treated as friends-so we'll have friends and clients for life. Virginia's premier Destination Management Company, Sterling Event Planners!

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